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The Technical Stuff:
  • Track Length:  7 road course configurations varying in length from 0.75 miles to 2.39 miles
  • Elevation Changes:  Minimal elevation changes
  • What’s Notable:  The sheer number of road course configurations makes this facility like no other and will give you lots of different flavors to experience on track.
Where to Find it:
  • Location:  Las Vegas, NV
Why You’ll Love This Track:
Between the infield courses and outfield courses, this facility has a huge mix of track lengths and configurations that range from less than 1.0 mile in length with very short straits between turns, to a nearly 2.5 mile layout with a straightaway that is approximately 2,000 feet long.  The numerous configurations also mean a huge mix of turns, from 180 degree turns that never seem to end, to sweeping esses and decreasing radius turns.  Just when you think you’ve nailed the perfect lap, these tracks will continue to challenge you to push the limits just a little bit more.
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